Ductwork & Ventilation

Killman Heating & Air is your go to Lexington, South Carolina HVAC professional. We’re dedicated to providing superior HVAC service and customer service that can’t be matched. One way that our team outshines the competition is our ductwork and ventilation system inspections and repairs.

Your system’s ductwork and ventilation help your unit work more effectively and assures you and your family always have safe, high quality indoor air. Discover why our team feels that our ductwork and ventilation services are so important to Lexington and the surrounding communities.


Having a ductwork inspection performed by a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC professional is a great way to ensure your home or business’ ducts are clean and efficient.

During an inspection, our technicians inspect your entire system for damaged or inadequate insulation and we’ll be able to assess areas you aren’t able to see. If we encounter an issue during our inspection, we’ll go over ways to solve any problems that stay within your budget.


The ventilation system is one of the main components of any HVAC system. A well-designed and maintained ventilation system keeps the air flowing through the house properly and assures you and your family have fresh air to breathe. A ventilation system may include extras like a humidifier to keep the air healthy for your family.


Changing your HVAC filter on a regular basis (at least every three months–or more if you have pets or other household contaminants) is vital. Changing filters is something that you can usually do on your own. However, our professionals at Killman Heating & Air can change your filter or help you decide what size or type is best for your system.

Proper maintenance and regular service to your ductwork and ventilation system will make your home more comfortable and give you and your family fresh air to breathe. Killman Heating & Air is your local HVAC company, and we are always willing to go the extra mile for you. Call or contact us today to schedule service for your ventilation system.