Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Your air conditioner plays a vital role in your home’s comfort, especially here in South Carolina where the summer temperatures are known to soar. Killman Heating & Air knows how important staying cool all season long is, which is why we offer fast, friendly air conditioning repair services to our Lexington, SC customers.

Your system provides your home cool air and controls humidity levels in your home, which helps eliminate mold growth and that “stuffy” feeling that comes with summertime weather. Regular filter changes are key to maintaining clean, safe air in your home. With the hectic schedule life tends to throw your way, it’s no wonder many homeowners neglect to keep up with their air conditioner maintenance.


Here at Killman Heating & Air, we’re qualified in both new system installation, the replacement of existing systems, and regular air conditioning repairs on both the residential and commercial levels. We come stocked with units, parts, and tools from the nation’s leading brands, which means we’re always ready whenever you call. The next time your air conditioner quits on you, consider calling your local HVAC professionals at Killman Heating & Air. Browse our complete selection of Trane air conditioners here.


We’ve been a part of the Lexington community for a long time. The Killman family knows the importance of keeping your home’s air conditioning running all year long, which is why we are so committed to each and every one of our customers. When you call, you’re connected immediately with a real person who’s ready to coordinate with our technicians and get your repair done as quickly as possible.


Our team has the training and the experience to provide professional air conditioning installations and replacements to our customers on both the commercial and residential levels.

We offer a wide selection of units, from mini-split to geothermal systems, and everything in between. Having plenty of systems to choose from allows you to work within your budget and also gives you the opportunity to consider every option. We’ll walk you through the installation ahead of time, so you know what to expect. Plus, we’ll provide you with an free estimate!


As a leading air conditioning repair and installation company in Lexington, SC, Killman Heating & Air is committed to providing our customers throughout the Lexington County area with the highest quality of service, tailored to best fit each customer’s unique needs.

Our team is experienced in servicing and repairing the nation’s leading brands of HVAC systems, and in addition to our residential services, we also perform commercial services for many of the area’s businesses.

If you’re having problems with your air conditioning system or if you’d like to learn about new, energy-efficient systems that can be configured for your home or business needs, contact Killman Heating & Air online or at (803) 359-5022, and schedule your free estimate today. At Killman Heating & Air, we’re ready to provide you with the level of service you need to ensure your system stays working and optimized for your home’s unique needs.